It all began with a smile.
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    have u ever been in that situation when u have to give advice to the person you love about the person they love

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  • Clean Bandit feat. Jesse Glynne
    Rather Be
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    rather be // clean bandit feat. jesse glynne

    if you gave me a chance i would take it
    it’s a shot in the dark but i’ll make it

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    why sleep when you can stay up late every night being sad then feel like shit the next day 

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    dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son

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    • baby: m....m...m
    • mom: mama? ma? mommy?
    • baby: m...m...
    • baby: m..mY ANACONDA DONT
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    i love riding d*cks


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  • "you was my cinnamon apple!!"
    a nigga who really did love u  (via facelessshawty)

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    petition to have That’s So Raven added to Netflix 

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  • "Part of me wants to drop out of college and go travel the world.
    Part of me wants to work really hard in college and change the world.
    Part of me wants to not work hard at all and marry some rich guy.
    And the other 97% of me just wants to sleep."
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